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Keith R. Parris began devoting himself to his lifelong passion of writing in 2001. His first endeavor, TORI, was a collection of poems and short stories privately published in 2002 with limited distribution. His next book, THE SERVANTS OF FREEDOM, was independently published in 2004 and reflects his admiration and appreciation for the sacrifices of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. In this novel of 1970s Europe, he uses simple, yet powerful, language to make timeless themes of adversity and courage live in the minds of his readers. This book is available through, other major distribution outlets and this website.

SHEPPARD'S GATE is a story of adventure about the camaraderie, trust and sacrifice of our men and women in military service overseas. It is filled with the spirit, passion and understanding that only a former fighter pilot who has served and flown in the same demanding environment could bring to the printed page. It captures the exhilaration that sustains and sometimes haunts the dreams of ambitious fighter pilots who have taken their flying skills and their lives to the very edge. In this rewriting of his novel, THE SERVANTS OF FREEDOM, the author has improved the book from start to finish, adding compelling new characters and scenes that enhance the enjoyment of his insightful storytelling. His labor has produced a new novel that the earlier book could only begin to bring to life. This book is available through (Kindle) and the book's Prologue is available for viewing free on this website

In 2006, Mr. Parris electronically published REMEMBER, his first complete book of poetry. This poetry is beautifully descriptive and vigorously musical. From the sensibilities of life's most intimate moments to the celebration of life's most festive interactions and from the continuity of social order to the undercurrents of social unrest and even to death itself, these poems embrace an unmistakable heartfelt vitality and sincerity. This work was published through his company, Black Knight Classic, and can be found by clicking here.

PETER'S DREAMS AND OTHERWORLDLY THINGS, became a concept in the author's mind before the "New Millennium," but its birth was carefully guarded until it could be wonderfully illustrated. This work stands as a creative triumph, delving into the imagination of a young boy and dealing with his growing awareness of self and the challenges of his changing world. The view of the world, however, is colored with a brush that carefully paints a range of perspectives seamlessly into the youthful exploits of our hero. This story will both amuse and reach to the very soul of the reader. This book is available through (Kindle) and for viewing free on this website

THE POLYCHEM PLASTICS PLANT AND OTHER STORIES contains simple and direct, yet original and powerful new works. The reader will find the universal themes of human life, which touch on the great hopes and faiths of humankind as well as humanity's imperfections and failures. These stories go beyond the boundaries of their settings. Whether the characters are in the grip of innocent or ignorant social forces, or the complexities of mercy or subhuman cruelty, they are true to the realities of their and our world. Whether the story is about heroes or villains, victims or survivors, the author hopes the reader will enjoy and be entertained by the journey through this collection of creative works.

WHISPERS AND LITTLE WHITE LIES continues the tradition of exploring universal themes of human life. As was seen in The PolyChem Plastics Plant and Other Stories, this new short story brings humankind's imperfections and failures into sharp focus. A little girl grown up in the fringe and aftermath of war finds her life filled with promises broken and mercy denied. Readers will step, as Kate Carmichael steps, into the dark corridors of despair and be there as the mysteries of this psychological thriller unfold. This short story is available through (Kindle). Excerpts are also available to view for free on this website.

Mr. Parris' writing style reflects his admiration for the literary works of such outstanding nineteenth and twentieth century authors as Ernest Hemingway, Eudora Welty, C. K. Williams and William Wordsworth. His favorite works are The Old Man and the Sea, A Curtain of Green and Repair.

Mr. Parris was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1946. His father, a veteran of World War II, made his living in the cotton mills of the South, and his mother, a native of Iowa, traveled to the South while serving as a Civil Servant during the War and remained there with her husband to rear their three children. Mr. Parris graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1969 with Highest Honors and was a Distinguished Military Graduate. He served nearly eight years as a fighter pilot, flying F-4E Phantom II aircraft, in Europe, Asia and the United States. He married Janet K. Baugh of Waco, Texas, in 1974 while serving in the Federal Republic of Germany. They lived in Europe and Asia before moving to San Antonio, Texas, in 1977 after Captain Parris resigned his commission and was honorably discharged. He returned to school and graduated at the top of his class from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 1979 with an MBA Degree. He worked for 21 years in the Gas and Gas Liquids Industry.


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