Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings

The Servants Of Freedom - Excerpt 2

The Servants Of Freedom

The cold air kept me moving forward even though it would have been easy to pause and become lost in thought, even to meditate with the spirits of the fallen souls who had lived and died upon this soil for thousands of years. I thought of the hordes of barbarians who had battled in the shadow of the Defiant Rock, the nobles and the ladies who had ridden through the forests and walked through the fields, the soldiers who had fought and fallen for their beloved Napoleon and the young men who had been mown down by machine-gun fire and blasted away by bombs that had descended like rain pelting down from the sky. These thoughts accompanied me to my new quarters and my room.

As I found comfort beneath the sheets and blankets that would wrap me within their warmth for the remainder of the night, I saw the face of Captain Majors and heard the grief-stricken wail of his wife, and my body and mind collapsed into their strange surroundings. Sleep brought closure to my exhaustion and I was thankful.


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