Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings

The Servants Of Freedom - Excerpt 3

The Servants Of Freedom

"Do you have German girlfriend?" he asked.

"No," I explained and tried to express how recently I had arrived.

At the same time as I talked, I kept an attentive eye on our expedited but somewhat risky progress. There were few, if any, traffic regulations that the old man failed to abuse or outright disobey.

"If you want learn German language, you get German girlfriend," he continued. "Take German girlfriend to bed and she teach you plenty."

"Is that right?" I said and laughed at his insistence on the matter.

"Absolutely," he protested. "German girlfriend is the only way. You trust me."

"What can you tell me about the base?" I asked.

"Oh, pilots belong south side and generals belong north side," he roared, "simple as that."

The perception of this old, crusty man was intriguing. There were likely to be many hidden skeletons lurking in the closets of his bygone exploits.


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