Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings

The Servants Of Freedom - Excerpt 5

The Servants Of Freedom

We stood there, unseeing and unseen by everything around us. She let her forehead touch my chin and I could feel her warm breath on my chest. If she were composing herself, she took an eternity. When she raised her head and looked into my eyes, I could see a brilliance that sparkled in hers like rays of the sun shimmering across the surface of a freshly frozen lake.

Without thinking, and with no more hesitation than had been shown when her hand had been offered and accepted, I touched my lips to hers. I felt their softness and their pleasure and I closed my eyes and pulled her closer. Her body radiated its submission to my embrace and I stole a second impassioned kiss. She became a part of me for one brief instant and her heart beat with mine. Then, an awareness of our being together, locked together as one and yet free, forced my eyes to awaken and broke the spell that threatened to take me much further than I dared to venture.

This was no place for an unrestrained show of affection and desire. I breathed deeply and calmed my pounding heart. I was relieved that no one was encroaching on our private corner of the universe and I slid my hands across her back and down, across her hips and felt the firmness and curvature of her buttocks. I kissed her forehead and pressed my cheek into her hair. Her hands found their way to my face and she pulled me toward another kiss and then another that raised my entire body to an inspired level of excitement. I was infatuated, totally beyond reason. I was on the brink of losing the will to control my soaring emotions. Our spirits existed more in space than in reality, beyond our physical boundaries. I struggled with my own intentions.


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