Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings

Whispers and Little White Lies - Excerpt 3

Whispers and Little White Lies Excerpt 3

Soon after arriving in Vietnam, Lt. Barron had distinguished himself by getting his first "kill," a MiG-19, on his fourth mission north. Seemingly of little or no concern to him was the unmistakable fact that he had also established a reputation for putting the lives of his fellow aviators needlessly at risk. Just as important, and no less apparent, was his penchant for flying his aircraft beyond the parameters of any flight envelope from which even a person with his enormous talent could legitimately expect to return to controlled flight. In spite of this history, Lt. Barron had not earned his reputation solely because he was willing to put lives at risk or because he pressed the limits of his aircraft's flight envelope. That's what fighter pilots do and who they are. Lt. Barron's reputation was earned because he put himself above the mission. Lt. Barron could not be trusted.


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