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Peter's Dreams and Otherworldly Things - Excerpt 1

Peter's Dreams and Otherworldly Things

Peter could hear his mother calling out to him, pleading. Her voice sought only that his clear, soft voice acknowledge her presence, but try as he might, his frightened words hid in the depths of his chest and refused to be uttered. He could not stop himself from falling through a maze of tangled vines and tumbling past every prehistoric creature imaginable in the mind of a very imaginative young boy. Just moments ago, he had been running for his life as a fire-breathing bird of prey, a dragon that screeched a lot like his older brother, swooped down from thunderous clouds that rolled across the fields behind his house. This diabolical mass of suspended smoke and fire had chased him through a labyrinth of deadly traps devised specifically to torment an easily tormented sibling. Now, however, the snarl of vines twisted around his feet and, even though he kicked as hard as his aching legs would allow, his battle to escape did not bring freedom. He coiled and pulled with all his might away from the eager clutches of a creature he could not see but one that had pursued him relentlessly as he fell and, as is usual with such unseen foes, his valiant efforts were in vain. His friends, elephants that usually roamed on the other side of his closet door but sometimes slept under his bed, trumpeted a warning that the secret monster was on the prowl, but it was to no avail. He was caught, imprisoned like some lowly insect entangled in a spider's finely crafted web, and he was lifted high into the air. Peter was certain the creature was his brother, transformed in order to terrorize him all the more.

"Peter, stop kicking!" his mother pleaded as she rescued him from the tangled sheets and covers that littered his disarranged bed. "You've had another bad dream, Honey. Open your eyes and come back to me. You're safe, Sweetie. Everything's O.K."


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