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Peter's Dreams and Otherworldly Things - Excerpt 2

Peter's Dreams and Otherworldly Things

"Don't worry. I've got you," the eagle said. "My name is Baldwin. Your friend, the one that you keep in a tin box on your bedroom shelf, sent me to ensure that no harm came to you, but I must say that I had a terrible time tracking you down. It seems you left no forwarding address. This was quite an oversight on your part."

"What do you mean? Did Jack send you?" Peter demanded as he struggled to open his eyes and survey a new world that began to come into focus from his precarious position in the eagle's clutches.

Even as he spoke, Peter was forced to dodge a host of flying insects, streaking past his exposed anatomy. He was forced to stare as well into the eyes of other birds of prey that seemed to be taking considerable interest in his presence.

"Yes. The little man in the box that you look to every time there's a knock in the night sent me," Baldwin explained. "He's pretty upset with you, leaving with no warning like you did and leaving him locked up tight in his box. That was very discourteous of you, if I may say so. If it hadn't been for that cowboy hearing his calls for help and lassoing the crank, which took quite a lot of Indians to help pull down, Jack would never have been set free and you would still be falling to who knows where."

"Can't you get me out of these bugs," Peter requested with renewed enthusiasm, "and what are those big birds?"

"Oh! I'm terribly sorry," Baldwin replied. "They, I mean the light-winged creatures you call bugs, don't fly up higher, but I must remind you that it was you who fell so far. As for those unsavory characters looking you over, you needn't worry. They're just vultures and, if I may be permitted, those kinds of undesirables simply hang around waiting for free handouts."



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