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Great Thinkers and Other Scoundrels

There have been few people in American history who could, with simple words and a bit of common sense, use humor to heighten our nation's awareness of controversial social, political and religious issues. Two men in particular combined philosophy, comedy and criticism with showmanship to help everyone see, and perhaps understand, the other person's point of view. They plowed the fields of tolerance instead of sowing the seeds of fear and hatred. They brought delight and dismay to advocates on all sides of contentious issues.

Will Rogers and Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) used the wisdom of truth to provoke laughter and reveal the human condition. They helped the ordinary and the uncommon, as well as the self-appointed and the self-anointed, to step beyond their blind adherence to partisanship and find a path to the conscience of humanity. They helped leaders and those who only followed their example to see the pitfalls of exploitation.

In Great Thinkers and Other Scoundrels, I have endeavored to express my admiration for Will Rogers and Mark Twain, two enormously talented and respected men, by following in their footsteps to shine a humorous and satirical light on a few of the pressing issues of our day. The topics I have chosen come straight out of today's headlines, editorials and commentaries. I hope you will join with me and share in my unusual, but well-intentioned, small prick at the borders of our present day frailties. If you will, please also allow me to invite you to consider and hopefully enjoy two poems following Great Thinkers and Other Scoundrels that offer a slightly stronger approach, possibly a poke instead of a prick, to the enormous disparity we find in our present day human condition.

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