THE SERVANTS OF FREEDOM by Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings


KEY NOTE:Sheppard's Gate

Sheppard's Gate is a book of passion and understanding about the camaraderie, trust and sacrifice of our men and women in military service overseas. It captures the exhilaration that sustains and sometimes haunts the dreams of ambitious fighter pilots. In this rewriting of his earlier novel, The Servants of Freedom, the author has improved the book from start to finish, adding new characters and scenes that enhance the enjoyment of his insightful storytelling. Join the souls on board Sheppard's Gate in their struggles with adversity and their search for life and love.


The Servants Of Freedom KEY NOTE:

The Servants Of Freedom is the story of courage and sacrifice, seen through the eyes of a dedicated young pilot searching for acceptance and love.


Lieutenant Troy Pearson has been remarkably successful in his early life in aviation and the United States Air Force. In the spring of 1971, he finds himself in cold war Germany and is forced to see a world in turmoil that is outside the classroom and outside the confines of his beloved fighter aircraft. He discovers a Germany that is rife with the undercurrents of socialism.

Within days of his arrival in Germany, Lieutenant Pearson narrowly escapes a bombing and an armed and violent robbery suspected of being carried out by the Baader-Meinhof Gang. He witnesses and mourns the death of a fellow officer.

Almost immediately, he falls headlong into an all-consuming but forbidden love affair that brings him face-to-face with the realities of military life, as he is challenged by racial tensions and conflicts that threaten the foundations of his life. Join Lieutenant Pearson in his struggles with adversity, demons that threaten his will to survive, and the power of love.


The Servants Of Freedom is an adventurous search for truth, understanding and acceptance. It is about facing and overcoming conflicts, surviving, and not surrendering to tragedy or the harsh consequences of terrorism. In the spring of 1971, Lieutenant Troy Pearson finds himself in cold war West Germany and a world in turmoil. He finds forbidden love with Cynthia York and is forced to find life in the aftermath of adversity and death. He becomes entangled in relationships threatened by subversive hostilities toward America and in a German society that is rife with the undercurrents of socialism. Though the story is set on a stage that existed more than thirty years ago, it is as current as today's front page or tomorrow morning's headlines. Find yourself living as much in Lieutenant Pearson and Cynthia York's world as in your own, suffering as they suffer and celebrating their victories. Allow yourself to glimpse at the lives and adventures of courageous men and women who have chosen to sacrifice for the cause of freedom. Enjoy a story of dedication and honor, a story of falling in love and of epic struggles against human frailties.


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