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The PolyChem Plastics Plant and Other Stories

In The PolyChem Plastics Plant, the reader will find the universal themes of human life, which touch on the great hopes and faiths of humankind as well as humanity's imperfections and failures. Stony and Ella Morgan have flaws as certainly as they have dreams and aspirations. Nell O'Connor may be loving or overly possessive and Sophia Costanzia may be as undeniably evil as she is beautiful.

The other stories contained in this collection offer a wide variety of captivating material. Monday's Mail explores the limits imposed upon Margie Megan (Simpson) Riley in her quest for personal freedom and the obstacles encountered in attempting to hold on to her aging father and maturing sons. In Mrs. Willoughby's Gift, William Rollins is confronted by an adult world that offers both understanding and powerful threats. The forces that surround him seem determined to deprive him of health, love and, most of all, the gift from his beloved teacher. Lastly, Praying for Antonio brings us to the precipice of incomprehensible destruction. The arguments over the social and political ramifications of illegal immigration are the backdrop for a plot of terror intended to destroy a city, its inhabitants and the social fabric of society itself.

The PolyChem Plastics Plant and Other Stories contains simple and direct, yet original and powerful new works. The author's pen has not been asked to give words to his characters. Indeed, his task and that of pen and ink have been to listen to the characters who present themselves and to faithfully record their stories in their own words, as if these words were being recollected and told face-to-face to the reader.These stories go beyond the boundaries of their settings. Whether the characters are in the grip of innocent or ignorant social forces, or the complexities of mercy or subhuman cruelty, they are true to the realities of their and our world. Whether the story is about heroes or villains, victims or survivors, the author hopes the reader will enjoy and be entertained by the journey through this collection of creative works.

The PolyChem Plastics Plant Monday's Mail Mrs. Willoughby's Gift Praying for Antonio

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