Keith R Parris - United States Air Force Pilot Wings

The PolyChem Plastics Plant - Excerpt

"Do you have plans for lunch, today?" Victor Ward asked as he pulled himself onto a pile of bagged pellets that would soon be converted into broom fibers and installed underneath the belly of a street sweeper.

"I brought my usual sandwich and protein bar," D. A. replied. "I'm go'n to buy one of those new energy meals in a bottle, too. I kind of like that coconut and guava flavor some genius developed to take away all these dollar bills pil'n up in my pocket. Why you ask'n, anyway?"

"Morgan says he needs to borrow my car at lunch," Victor replied, "something about his wife needing his car, today."

"Morgan never even let his wife ride in that new car," D. A. countered. "You listen to me. Morgan needs a car nobody will recognize. He's chas'n that widow, Nell, again. I'll bet you anything! Your old car's go'n to come back smell'n like Nell and Morgan had an up close and private Roman orgy."

"You're crazy," Victor mumbled.

"You already gave him the keys, didn't you?" D. A. asked as much to belittle Victor as to elicit an answer. "All the boss man has to do is say jump and you keep at it until you clear the top rung."

"It's not like that," Victor stated flatly. "You don't have a corner on all the gossip going on around PolyChem. I've heard what the women in the administrative office are saying. Those old biddies see a new soap opera in the making every time two people say 'hello'."

"You got so much to learn, it's pathetic," D. A. laughed. "Don't you know how anything works?"


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