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Whispers and Little White Lies

Growing up in the shadow of war can have profound effects on anyone. WHISPERS AND LITTLE WHITE LIES chronicles the life of Katherine Carmichael, a young girl grown to adulthood with only memories of the father she lost in the Vietnam War. She lives in a troubled world of whispers, nightmares and broken promises, all of which lead her past the escape of fantasy and into flirtation with the darker side of spirits and spells.

When people are wrought by confusion and conflict, they may be unable to conceive of other thoughts, unable to find shelter in any place or time. Reasoned action may be forever lost and its loss may lead to the abandonment of every treasure, every love, everything held dear. As Jeremiah Ickes lamented, "So much of life and death is born of broken promises."

In WHISPERS AND LITTLE WHITE LIES, you will journey with Kate Carmichael through love and loss. You will survive tragedy on one level and, yet, fall before its merciless hand on another. You may even be changed forever.

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Whispers and Little White Lies - Front Cover


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